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CreatiBI is a cutting-edge content-led digital marketing platform that firmly practices "Creative is the targeting" in today's ever-changing business landscape. By harnessing data insights, it efficiently guides creative production and content iteration, maximizing marketing value. It empowers businesses and teams to shift from traditional ad optimization to a content-driven growth model, where creativity drives targeted, refined marketing strategies for commercial success.

CreatiBI offers an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates scriptwriting, media review, creative management, distribution, and data insights. This streamlined process connects creative scriptwriting, media production, and distribution, reducing communication costs, shortening the iteration cycle, and boosting ROAS.

Why CreatiBI

1. Unified Script Management

AI Script Editor Get access to industry-specific script templates, creative ideas, and trending topics tailored to your business needs, ensuring you remain inspired at all times.

Comment and Score Script Content Collaborate with your team to review and score scripts together. Only the scripts that meet the criteria advance to the production phase.

Fastest Script Distribution Method

Distribute script requirements to team members with just one click. Team members can view the script online from anywhere and start working immediately.

Track Derivation from Script to Final Production Maintain a complete creative traceability chain and derivation relationship, turning the creative production process into a structured data loop.

2. Deliver Creatives Faster

Review and Approval: Everyone on the Same Page CreatiBI makes feedback more specific and actionable, helping you shorten review cycles and speed up approvals.

Write or Draw Feedback Directly on the Frame Frame-accurate comments minimize misunderstandings. When words aren't enough, you can draw to precisely convey your message.

Centralized Feedback Consolidate all feedback in one spot, replacing disorganized IM or shared folders with a cohesive collection of comments. People can leave comments anytime, and the latest feedback is always easy to find.

Easy Sharing Shareable links allow you to effortlessly send versions for review or showcase the completed video to stakeholders anywhere.

3. Automated Multi-Channel Distribution

Supports Both Ad Platforms and Social Media Compatible with major ad platforms and social media, with ongoing support for additional channels.

Automated Rule-Based System Set rules for channels, accounts, and timing. Configure once, and it continues to work automatically.

Faster, Reliable File Transfers Transfer files at top-tier speeds, with automatic recovery in case of interruptions.

Secure Content Usage Create and manage multiple independent production teams simultaneously. Set permissions so everyone can safely access only the content they need.

4. Clear and Understandable Creative Insights

Reduce Unnecessary Ad Spend Easily identify underperforming creatives and reallocate spending to the best-performing ones, increasing spend efficiency.

Boost Team Productivity Save your team time on reporting and manual tasks, allowing them to focus on creating more winning creatives.

Guide Creative Direction Understand what works and why, so you can steer the next steps in creative production effectively.

Seamless Collaboration Effortlessly share creative reports to clarify value both internally and externally.

Start using CreatiBI

Visit https://creatibi.com and sign up using your business email, personal email, or Google account to enjoy a free trial for up to 30 days.


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