Team setting

Access your team's settings to change your team’s name, adjust the permissions, manage team members, change approval notifications, or delete the team.

To access a team's settings:

  1. Click the team name in the sidebar to open the team page;

  2. On the team page, click the drop-down arrow beside the team's name;

  3. Select “Edit team settings”

Only team members can access the team settings.

The team settings window has 3 tabs:

  • General

  • Members

  • Advanced


From the General tab, you can:

  1. Change the team's name;

  2. Change the team's description;


From the Members tab, you can:

  • View a list of all members and members with access to specific projects in the team;

  • Hover over names to remove other members or yourself from the team

  • Grant full team access to members who currently only have access to specific projects in the team

  • Invite new members to the team

As a team member, you can:

  • Access all public projects in your team;

  • Adjust the team's permission setting;

  • Invite members to your team;

  • Remove members from your team

  • Rename your team

A team admin can restrict some of these team member abilities. Learn more about team admin controls here.

When a member is removed from a team, they're also removed from the team's projects but not from assigned tasks, which they can still access in "My Tasks." Task assignments are only cleared if they're removed from the organization.


From the Advanced tab, you can:

  1. Delete the team

If the team you want to delete is part of a division, it must be removed from the division before it can be deleted.

If a team is deleted, every team member will receive an email notification of the deletion. The person who deleted it will receive a link to recover the team.

Deleting a team will remove all of its projects, including those with varying privacy settings, such as private to members, which might not be visible to you.

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