Derive script

The performance of your creatives will be shared in Reporting. We firmly believe the performance of your creatives is highly correlated with your idea and hence your script. We break down scripts into smaller pieces by labeling the different words, phrases, and sentences in the script so you can directly measure the success of various parts of your idea (script) and eventually, your creatives.

For some scripts (videos) with good stats, you can replicate the idea (original script) and modify it further to level up your video's performance.

  1. Click the "Create a derived script" on the top-right corner in your script;


  1. Click "Creative" on the overhead tab;

  2. Click any creative in the table;

  3. Click the "Create a derived script" on the top-right corner.

You can find the number of derived scripts in the 2nd column of your script table and at the end of each script.

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