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You can sign up for CreatiBI yourself, or you can accept an invitation to join. Creating a CreatiBI account is free.

We'll ask for your name and email address when you sign up. If you want to join your company's CreatiBI organization, use your work email. If you sign up with your work email and there is an existing organization set up under this corporate domain, you can then request to join the teams within the organization.

You do not need to maintain multiple accounts. You can join, create, or leave any number of organizations or workspaces from a single account.

From the home page

To create an account for yourself, visit and select "Get started".

You can use two methods to sign up:

  • Enter your email address and create your password;

  • Use your Google account.

If you choose to sign up with your Google account:

  • We'll use the credentials for the Google account you're currently logged in or we'll ask you to log in to your Google account;

  • You will not have a unique CreatiBI password, but you can make one at any time using the forgotten password process.

From an invite

When you receive an invitation:

  • Click the link in the invitation email;

  • Click the "Accept invite" button or copy and paste the link provided below it.

Uploading a profile photo is optional during the account creation process. If you choose not to upload one, you can always do so later from your settings.


  1. How many CreatiBI accounts can I register?

    • Each email address only supports one CreatiBI account.

  2. What's the difference between registering with a personal email and a company email?

    • Registering with a personal email creates a collaboration space with only one team and no option to create more teams, suitable for individual or small team collaboration.

    • If you're using it for company purposes and want to collaborate with colleagues or external suppliers, it's recommended to register with a corporate email. Registering with a corporate email creates an organization that supports creating multiple teams and inviting external guests for collaboration.

  3. Can I have an organization with a personal email?

    • No. An organization space requires a business email domain.

  4. Why can't I receive the verification email?

    • Check the entered email to ensure it's correct.

    • Check if your inbox is full; if so, delete some messages.

    • The verification email might have been marked as spam; look for emails from the domain in your spam folder. To ensure direct receipt of verification emails from Creatibi, add the domain to your email's whitelist in the settings.

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