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Division member

Each organization can have multiple divisions, each with its own admin console. An organization member can belong to multiple divisions, depending on whether their team is part of a given division.


The dashboard provides division admins with a quick overview of their division, including counts of organization members, guests, pending invites, and seats available.

Profile setting

Division admins can assign admin roles to other members, update members' profiles, and assist with resetting login passwords when members forget them.

Search and filter

Search: Supports quick searches by member names or email accounts.

Filter: Supports Six filter options including All, Admin, Member, Guest, Pending invite, and Removed. Members are shown by default.

Invite member

You can add someone to your division by inviting them to join one of your teams.

Invite many people to join a team or project with a shareable invitation link effortlessly.

To invite to a team with a link:

  1. Click on "Invite" in the top-right corner;

  2. Choose the "Invite with link";

  3. Select a team from the dropdown menu;

  4. Click "Copy link" and share the link with others to invite them to the team.

Cancel invite

By using the "Filter" and selecting "Pending invites", you can quickly locate all members in the invitation process.

To cancel an invitation:

  1. Click on the three-dot icon on the right side;

  2. Choose "Cancel invitation" from the dropdown options.

Remove member

If an organization member leaves (e.g., resigns) and you want to stop their access to your CreatiBI space, you can:

  1. Click on the three-dot icon on the right side;

  2. Select "Remove" from the dropdown options.

When removing a member, two options appear:

  1. Remove from division - This option only removes members from all teams and projects they are part of within the current division. The member retains their organization membership, allowing colleagues from other divisions to continue inviting them for collaboration.

  2. Remove from organization - This option removes the member from all divisions within the organization. Their email account will be locked, preventing the member from logging in with their corporate email account.

Workspace member

Contrary to working in the organization, everyone in workspaces collaborates within one team and one can't create multiple teams.

No guest role exists in workspace.


The dashboard provides a quick overview of the workspace, including counts of workspace members and limited-access members, pending invites, and seats available.

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