🏢Organization and workspace

Organization and Workspace are two types of spaces and each organization or workspace is independent of each other. Each organization or collaboration space has its own members, teams, and project.

Organization is created with a business email address. Once set up, anyone who signs up for CreatiBI with an email domain associated with your company will automatically join your organization as a member. These organizations have the flexibility to create multiple teams.

Workspace is ideally suited for individual tasks or small team projects. They serve as an alternative for companies without a corporate email system. Each workspace can only accommodate one single team.

To use both organization and workspace simultaneously:

  1. Setting up an account using your company's business email will automatically create or add you to your organization's workspace;

  2. Setting up another account with a personal email address will create a workspace.

The following chart compares the difference between organization and workspace:


Use your business email to register

Use your personal email to register

Manage multiple teams

Manage one team for personal or small team use

Create multiple teams

Can't create new team

Organization membership is determined by the shared business email address. All other people using non-business email addresses will join your organization as guest.

Anyone can join as a workspace member or as a limited-access member.

Organization guest doesn't contribute to the seat count

Everyone contributes to the seat count

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