Manage team

Team management empowers division admins with a comprehensive view of all teams within their division. Division admins can add new teams to the current division or remove certain teams anytime.

Edit team

To edit a team:

  1. Click on the three-dot icon on the right and select "Edit team" from the dropdown menu;

  2. Edit the team name or manage team members.

Some teams will have a "View team" option, signifying you're not part of that team.

In CreatiBI, every team has its unique access control, meaning even division admins need to be members of the team to make any configurations.

Click here for more team setting details.

Add team

Within the entire organization, there may be teams that are not affiliated with any division.

To add a team to your division:

  1. Click "Add team" in the top right corner;

  2. Select the team you want to add and click "Confirm".

Only teams that are not affiliated with any division can be added.

Adding a team will contribute to your seat counts and if there are not enough seats available, you may fail to add the team.

Remove team

To remove a team from your division:

  1. Click on the three-dot icon on the right side;

  2. Choose "Remove" from the dropdown menu;

    • If your division has already paid, removing the team will revert it to the free version, but you can pay separately for the team.

In some cases, a team cannot be removed, such as when the team is the only one a division admin belongs to. You cannot remove the only team that includes division admin from the division.

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