Team permission

Membership permissions controls

The privacy settings of a team determine who can access the team and its public-to-team projects.

If somebody belongs to a team, they have access to all public-to-team projects within that team. Organization guests must belong to a team to access its public-to-team projects and team messages.

If they do not belong to a team, they cannot access that team, nor can they request to join it, regardless of the team's permission settings.

TeamCan be foundCan request to joinAccessible by

Membership by request

Yes (excluding guests)

Yes (excluding guests)

Team member

Private team



Team member

The private team option is only available for CreatiBI's Business plan and above.

How to identify a team's permissions settings

To identify who belongs to a team in CreatiBI and who can see its projects, you must access its "Team Settings".

To access Team Settings:

From the sidebar, click on the team name, then click on the "Invite" button in the top right corner and select "General".

You can also do this by hovering over the arrow beside the team name in the sidebar, selecting "Invite teammates" and selecting "General".

Who can access a team?

You need to become a team member before accessing the team page.

Membership by request

Before someone can access public-to-team projects and team messages, their request to join must be approved by an active team member or a team admin. You can see the full list of team members from the "Members" tab of the "Team settings".

To request to join a team:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and select "Browse teams";

  2. Locate a team you want to join and click "Request to Join".

Private team

Only team members can access a private team. You can view the complete list of team members from the "Members" tab in "Team settings".

The only way to gain access to a private team is by being invited by a member of that team.

Users cannot discover private teams they don't have access to, and therefore cannot request to join or even see a private team in their sidebar.

How to limit access to a team

There are four ways to limit access to a membership:

  • "Deny" someone's request to join the team;

  • "Remove an existing team member" - removing someone from membership will remove their access to all of that team's projects and messages.

  • "Change to a private team" - changing to a private team means other organization members will no longer be able to find and request to join that team from the sidebar.

  • "Require team admin approval" - a team admin can require that any invitations to the team must first be approved. This is available only to CreatiBI's Business plan and above.

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