Create an organization

Creating an organization will affect everyone in CreatiBI who uses an email address that matches your company email domain.

Be the first from your company to sign up

Sign up for a new CreatiBI account with your company email address and we will automatically create an organization for you. This is based on your email domain.


After account registration, the system will automatically assign your account to a division space under the organization, and you will automatically become the administrator of that division. You can name your division and invite your colleagues to join your division. If you prefer not to have your colleagues join your division, you can recommend that they complete the registration independently instead of joining the organization through your invitation link. Each organization member who registers independently will automatically be assigned to a separate division space.

Although division spaces are independent, the teams created within these division spaces allow organization members to search across divisions and join for collaboration.

Admin console

Admins can access the admin console to make changes to their subscription, manage billing, and manage teams and members.

Create additional organizations

Each organization must be associated with a unique email domain. If you want to create other organizations, you can add other company email domains.

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