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If you're a member of an organization, you will find a list of teams in the sidebar. If you are a limited-access member within the organization, your sidebar will only list the teams you have access to.

Being a member with access to specific projects means you have not joined any team within the organization, so you cannot see any teams in the organization in the sidebar's team list. If you need to apply to join a team, you can use the "Find team" feature below the sidebar's team list to find all public teams within the organization and submit a request to join a team.

From the Sidebar, you can:

  1. View the teams you belong to and access your team page.

  2. Create a new team.

  3. Browse and join other teams within the organization.

  4. You can also use the quick add button to create a team.

You may be in a workspace if you do not see teams in the sidebar. Learn how to create an organization.

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