A guest is a user in an organization who does not share the organization's email domain. Guests can be invited to organizations to work on specific tasks, or in specific projects or teams.

You can collaborate with clients, contractors, or anyone else who does not have an email address at an approved organization email domain (i.e. or Once invited, these users will become organization guests.

Guest permissions and visibility

What can a guest in an organization access?

Guests have limited access to the organization and only see what is shared with them.

  • If you assign them a scriptwriting task, they will only see that task;

  • If you assign them a media production task, they will see that task;

  • If you share a project with them, they will see that project and all tasks within that project;

  • If you invite them to a team, they will see all public-to-team projects within that team, provided they’ve been added as a team member;

  • If you invite them to a portfolio, they will only see projects within the portfolio that they have been specifically invited to;

  • Guests can invite other guests to join teams or projects that have been shared with them;

  • Guests can create projects and portfolios;

  • Guests cannot create or own rules, but they can trigger rules;

  • Guests cannot create or edit custom field settings;

  • Guests cannot create or edit workflow;

  • Guests cannot create or edit applications in the project but they can use them;

  • Guests cannot create teams or edit team settings and they can't be set as team admins;

  • Guests cannot enter the creative tab;

  • Guests cannot enter the distribution tab;

  • Guests cannot enter the reporting tab;

In an organization, guests can generally interact with paid features in a passive way. If given access to the relevant project, a guest can select a custom field value from the list, but they cannot edit the custom field itself. For example, a guest can change an "urgency" custom field value from medium to high, but they cannot edit the name of the "urgency" custom field, or make edits to any of the custom field value options.

What’s the difference between a guest and a limited-access member?

GuestLimited-access member

Don't share your organization's email domain

Share your organization's email domain

Are unique to organizations, don't exist in workspaces

Exist in both organizations and workspaces

Don't count towards a paid plan's seat limit

Contributes to the seat count in paid teams, divisions, and organizations

If a guest is granted access to a specific project but does not have access to all projects under the team, the guest will appear in the team's limited access member list but will not be counted towards the billing seats.

What exactly can guests of an organization see?

There are limited permissions. Guests have limited access to the workspace or organization they’re invited to and can only see what is explicitly shared with them.

Can guests see each other in an organization?

To see each other, they must both work on the same project or team and their names will be displayed for one another.

Guests and billing

Do I have to pay for guests in a paid organization?

No. Guests do not contribute toward your overall membership count when upgrading an entire organization.

Can a guest upgrade an organization to a paid tier?

No, only the billing owner of a paid organization can request to upgrade or make changes to your paid plan.

Guest management

Who can invite guests to an organization?

Generally, any member can add a guest to an organization. Also, organization guests can invite other guests to your organization by sharing the projects and tasks that they have been given access to.

Admins on CreatiBI's Business and Enterprise plans can control who can invite external guests by using guest invite settings in the admin console.

Can a guest become an admin of an organization?

No. You must be a full organization member to become an organization admin.

Can I convert a guest to a member?

No. It isn't possible to simply convert a guest to a member or vice versa.

The only way to turn a guest into a member is to set them up with an email address under your organization's domain and have them add this email address to their CreatiBI account. In this way, they would become members of the organization, and would no longer be guests.

I removed a guest, but they still appear in the typeahead when I assign a task. Why?

Organizations can consist of multiple teams and divisions. It is possible that when you removed a guest, you removed them from a team or division in your organization but did not select to remove them from the organization itself at that time.

Therefore, they do not appear in your teams or divisions, but they may still exist in the organization and appear in the typeahead when you're assigning tasks. To remove them, you'll need to invite them back to a team before deprovisioning them. Guests and members who have been removed from a workspace or organization will receive an email notification.

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