Project tab

A project serves as a collaborative space for team members working on promotional activities. It encompasses all necessary features for content creation and marketing, from scriptwriting to content distribution and data analysis. You can customize the tabs of each project to your business needs.

Add or edit tabs

CreatiBI currently offers seven tabs, which include: Overview, Script, Media review, Creative, Workflow, Distribution, and Reporting.


The project overview serves as a central hub for the team, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of the project. It aims to clearly communicate the purpose, objectives, and approach of the project, facilitating a better understanding of its ongoing context.


You can manage all creatives starting from the root - Script, using CreatiBI's structured script editor for standardized writing. Every script task comes with status management features and can be seamlessly integrated with workflows to streamline script review processes.

Pairing the "Script" with "Media review", an approved script automatically initiates a corresponding production task in the "Media review" tab.

A project can include multiple Script tabs, with synced data but different views for managing scripts.

Click here for more script details.

Media review

The production of creatives involves collaboration and multiple revisions before the finalized version. Media review streamlines the fragmented and annoying process by consolidating feedback, utilizing frame-by-frame annotations, and comparing versions for efficient delivery. Approved versions are automatically added to the Creative tab.

Projects can have multiple Media review tabs, with synced data but different views for managing media.

Click here for more media review details.


The Creative tab is a dedicated library for each project, organizing all creatives for promotion. Unlike traditional directory management, CreatiBI enhances management with a multi-dimensional table, offering custom fields and advanced filtering, sorting, and grouping tailored to business demands.

Projects can include multiple Creative tabs, with synced data but different views for managing creatives.

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Workflow lets you tailor review processes for scripts and media productions, with script review using multi-person and rating modes, and media reviews using multi-person mode.

When activated, these workflows automatically notify designated reviewers based on your settings, ensuring only those at the current review node can update task statuses.

Click here for more workflow details.


The Distribution tab manages the distribution of creatives to media, supporting both ad platforms and social media. CreatiBI allows for automatic distribution through custom rules.

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CreatiBI automatically syncs and aggregates data on the performance of creatives distributed to media within a project, offering multi-dimensional analysis to help users quickly understand content performance.

Through Reporting, you can see how creatives perform frame-by-frame across different media channels, placements, times, and accounts. CreatiBI differentiates between ad platforms and social media for its data reports. Each project can have multiple Reporting tabs, with synced data but different views for analyzing creative performance.

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Rename tab

CreatiBI supports custom naming for the Script, Mideo review, Creative, and Reporting tabs.

To rename these tabs in CreatiBI:

  1. Click the three-dot icon next to the selected project tab;

  2. Click "Rename".

Reorder tab

You can reorder tabs according to your preference.

To reorder tabs:

  1. Click the three-dot icon next to the selected project tab;

  2. Click "Move Left" or "Move Right".

Set default tab

You can save your preferred tab as the default tab, so it automatically opens every time you enter the project. This ensures that anyone viewing the project will see it in the default tab.

To set a default tab:

  1. Click the three-dot icon next to the tab you want to set as default;

  2. Select "Set as default".

Tab general

The Script, Mideo review, and Creative tabs in CreatiBI use multi-dimensional tables for managing tasks and creatives, offering multiple sorting and filtering options. You can sort manually or by criteria like due date or assignee as needed.

Drag and drop tasks

Take script task for instance. Hover over the script's name, left-click, and hold the grid icon, then drag the task up or down the list.



Use your project toolbar to adjust your project view.


Click "Filter" in the project toolbar to customize the list view of your project. Use the suggested quick filters, or click "Add filter" for more filtering options.

Multi sort

Click "Sort" to organize how tasks are displayed. Choose to sort by due date, alphabetically, or even by custom field value. You can apply multi-sort options and specify ascending or descending order for each.

You can also quickly switch sorting criteria by clicking on the field title in the multi-dimensional table.


Group makes the project view more flexible, allowing you to display data in groups according to your needs. CreatiBI enables grouping by assigned individual, due date, and even your custom field, among others.

To group:

  1. Click on "Group" in the project toolbar;

  2. Select the field you wish to group by.

Field display

In CreatiBI, each tab within the multi-dimensional tables comes with certain default fields to help users quickly dive into their work. You have the flexibility to show or hide these default fields in each tab, tailoring the interface to your needs.

To show or hide a field:

  1. Click on "Hide" in the project toolbar;

  2. Choose the fields you want to display or hide.

Custom field

Beyond the default fields provided by CreatiBI, you can also customize fields to meet your needs. CreatiBI currently supports various types, including single choice, multiple choice, number, person, date, and more.

Click here for more custom field details.

Saving a layout as default

Once you've sorted, filtered, grouped, and found the best view for your project, you can save it as the default view. This ensures that anyone viewing the project will view it in the default view by clicking on "Save view" on the right side of the project toolbar.

If desired, you can also use the dropdown menu option to save the current settings as a new tab.

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