A workspace is a collection of people that collaborate on projects and tasks. Workspaces can be used by any group of people and do not require a common company email domain, as organizations do.

Difference between workspace and organization:


Use your personal email to register

Use your business email to register

Manage one team for personal or small team use

Manage multiple teams

Can't create new team

Create multiple teams

Anyone can join as a workspace member or as a limited-access member.

Organization membership is determined by the shared business email address. All other people using non-business email addresses will join your organization as guest.

Everyone contributes to the seat count

Organization guest doesn't contribute to the seat count

People who create a CreatiBI account with a personal email address (i.e. or will start with the workspace.

People in your workspace

There are two types of people in a workspace: workspace members and limited-access members. Workspace members have full access to your workspace, while limited-access members are limited to the projects, tasks, and messages shared with them.

Workspace members

Workspace members have full access to all projects that are shared with space.

All workspace members can:

  • Rename the workspace;

  • Upgrade the workspace to a paid plan;

  • Become the billing owner of any paid workspace;

  • Invite or remove people from the workspace;

  • Convert people to members or limited-access members.

Limited-access members

Limited access members are people with restricted access to your workspace. Limited-access members will only see projects you share with them. You might invite contractors, clients, or other third parties as limited-access members, giving them access to relevant projects and tasks without giving them access to everything in your workspace.

Limited access members cannot:

  • Rename the workspace;

  • Upgrade the workspace to a paid plan;

  • Become the billing owner of the paid workspace;

  • Invite people as full workspace members;

  • Remove people;

  • Convert people to members or limited access members;

Limited access members can:

  • Create new projects and tasks;

  • Edit the projects and tasks that have been shared with them;

  • Invite other limited-access members.

The role of guest is not available in workspaces. Every member of a workspace counts towards the subscription's seat limit.

Identify members and limited-access members

From the "Members" tab on your left sidebar, you can:

  1. See an overview of membership status;

  2. Select "Limited access members";

  3. Select "Remove" to remove members;

  4. Invite members to join.

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