Portfolios can be either publicly accessible within the organization or invitation-only. The portfolio creator becomes the owner and can invite others to join. Organization members cannot search for portfolios; they must be invited by portfolio members. Public portfolios allow direct joining through an invitation link while invitation-only ones don't.

Joined portfolios will appear in the sidebar.

Here are the access restrictions for the two types of portfolio privacy permissions:

Privacy typeIs it searchable?Can one join with a invitation link?Who can access the portfolio page?




Portfolio member




Portfolio member

Portfolio membership

There is only one portfolio owner, which by default is assigned to the portfolio's creator. This role can later be transferred to another portfolio member.

Portfolio permission control

Permission to add projects

Both portfolio owner and members can add projects to the portfolio, but they can only add projects they are part of and that have not already been associated with the current portfolio.

Permission to access projects

A portfolio can include multiple projects from across different teams. A portfolio member's access to the projects within the portfolio is determined by whether they have access permissions to those projects.

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