📐Custom rule

Rule is the place where you automate your work. It's like writing an "IF" function where "trigger" is the logical test and "action" is the "value_if_true". Its power can be multiplied by all features.

How to set up your first custom rule!

  1. Go to any of your tabs on the top and click "Customize";

  2. Click "Add a rule";

    • Rule works better if you have created custom fields in the Script, Media review, and Creative tables since it allows greater room for automating your work;

  3. Choose from recommended rules or click "Create custom rule";

  4. [If you choose from the recommended rules]:

    • You only need to review the rule, tweak it to your need, and enjoy;

  5. [If you create a custom rule]:

    • Click the "When" and find the right trigger from the right sidebar;

    • Click the "Do this" and find the right action from the right sidebar;

  6. Click "Save" on the top right corner;

  7. Repeat the above steps to create more rules.


  1. Who can set up and edit rules?

    • Project administrators and editors can set up and edit rules;

      • The editor can set up rules that only he can edit.

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