Leave an organization

In CreatiBI, an organization is one of the two space types. The other space type is the workspace.

You cannot leave the current space if you only have access to one space on CreatiBI, or if you are the administrator of the current space.

To leave an organization:

  1. Click your profile photo and go to the bottom of the "Account" tab;

  2. Select "Remove me from this organization"

After leaving the current space, you will be automatically switched to another of your spaces.

Once you leave, you will not have access to the organization, but the organization will continue to exist.

Removing someone from an organization

Organization admins can remove members from the organization via the "Members" tab in the admin console.

If a member has been removed, they will be marked as removed in the admin console, and you can choose to restore their access to the organization at any time.

Removed individuals cannot log in with email accounts tied to the organization's email domain.

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