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My Tasks acts as your individual to-do list and automatically gathers tasks assigned to you across all projects, enabling you to see and organize your work in one centralized place.

My tasks include 4 tabs: scriptwriting task, media production task, script review task, and media review task assigned to you.

Script review and media review tasks will only become visible here after the project activates its workflow and assigns you to the review stage.

Workflow is available for CreatiBI's Business plan and above.

To access My Tasks, click "My tasks" from the sidebar.

You can customize your "My tasks" by:

  • Turning on/off the display of specific fields

  • Reordering the fields

  • Resizing the columns of fields

  • Adding custom fields

Create private scripts

To create a script from My tasks, click the "Add script" button at the top left or click "Add script" under the table.

All new tasks you create in My tasks are automatically assigned to you and private to you. Add them to projects to make them visible to the rest of your team.

However, if you add the task to any project, it becomes visible to members of that project. There's a task visibility column in your My tasks where you can see to whom the task is visible.

Sort, filter, and group by

Sort your tasks list to view your tasks in a way that suits you. My tasks will automatically save your "Sort", "Filter", and "View" preferences for next time.

To sort, click the "Sort" button and choose an option.

You can filter across any built-in or custom field you have access to, like "Due date", and "Project" in the list, and use multiple filters at a time.

Using "Sort" or "Group by" while in list view will keep your tasks grouped by section and will sort the tasks inside those sections.

You can also use "Sort" and "Group by" at the same time for example, you can group your My tasks by project and then sort these groups by due date.

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