Portfolios provide a holistic view of all your important projects in one place. With project portfolio management you can organize your most important projects, monitor their health in real time, and drill down for more information. A single portfolio can include multiple projects from across different teams.

For gaming industry, portfolios represent games, and projects cover various promotion lifecycles or creative directions, allowing comparison of their performance.

For e-commerce industry, portfolios denote product categories, and projects cover different product items, enabling comparison of their data effects.

For finance industry, portfolios represent products, and projects cover different creative directions, allowing for analysis and comparison of their performance.

Portfolio is available for CreatiBI's Business plan and above. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Create a portfolio

There are two ways to create a portfolio:

  1. Click the "Projects +" button in the sidebar and click "New portfolio";

  2. Navigate to "Portfolios" in the sidebar and click "+Create".

Add projects to portfolios

There are two ways to add projects from within a portfolio:

  1. Click "Add project" to search for an existing project;

  2. Click "Add project" and select "Create new project"

Remove projects from a portfolio:

You can remove a project from your portfolio anytime.

  1. Choose the project name column and right-click the project you want to remove;

  2. Select "Remove from portfolio"

Portfolio list view

You can view the project status and owners through the portfolio list. You can click on a project for more details.

The project list displays the following information:

  • Project Name;

  • Due date;

  • Team;

  • Project status;

  • Project owner;

  • Number of scripts in writing;

  • Number of creatives in production;

  • Number of published creatives;

  • Number of unpublished creatives.

In addition to the default fields provided by CreatiBI, you can also manage projects using custom fields tailored to your business needs. Learn more about custom fields.

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