Manage more creatives

When you finish the initial creative table setup, you can start to organize and customize how you manage creatives.

Right-click your creative and click "batch rename" to format your creative name in a row.

How to batch rename my creative?

Click "+" in the last column to add custom fields, such as adding "budget", "priority" and other fields.

How to add a custom field to your creative table?

Click "Filter" to add various filter criteria; multiple filters can be applied simultaneously. Similarly, click "sort" and "group" to customize the way you manage creatives.

How to filter, sort, and group the creative table?

After finalizing the customization of your creative table, you can select any creative asset to view its associated metadata in 4 tabs - Management, Advertising, Script, and Information. You can edit this metadata anytime, and any changes will be automatically reflected in the creative table.

If you use the script feature of CreatiBI, you can also derive a new script based on the current one. For more details, please check script derivation.

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