Project overview

The project overview serves as a central hub for the team, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of the project. It aims to clearly communicate the purpose, objectives, and approach of the project, facilitating a better understanding of its ongoing context.

From the project overview tab, you can view the project's description, project roles, related products, connected portfolios, and project status.

Add project descriptions

A project description allows you to welcome your team and set the tone for how you’ll work together in CreatiBI. You can add objectives, communication channels, creative directions, and other important information.

To add your description, click on the description field and start typing.

Assign project roles

Under the "Project roles" section of your project overview, you can easily view the project owner for your project, as well as assign roles such as scriptwriter, media producer, reviewer, or another role of your choosing.

Editing and adding roles

To edit a project member’s role, click the drop-down arrow next to the member’s name.

From the drop-down menu, you can:

  1. Add or change the role;

  2. Set the member as the project owner;

  3. Remove the member from the project.

You can add related products to the project, making it easier for project members to understand which specific products the content is intended to promote. Currently, CreatiBI supports three major product categories: games, e-commerce, and applications.

To add related products:

  1. Select the major category your product belongs to from games, e-commerce, or applications;

  2. Enter the product name;

  3. Upload the product image;

  4. Choose the specific product category and add key information tags.

Tip: Paste the App Store or Google Play product page URL into the recognition box to auto-fill game or app details.

Connect portfolio

Group multiple projects under a single portfolio for easier management and to easily compare their progress and performance. Click here to learn more about portfolio.

To add projects to the portfolio:

  1. Click "Add to Portfolio";

  2. Select target portfolio.

Project progress and status updates

On the right side of the project overview page, you can see the entire project's progress, including changes in membership, script, and media production status.

Set the project start and due dates

By default, projects do not have a set deadline but you can set the start and due dates for the project.

To set the start and end dates for a project, you can:

  • Click on "Due Date"

  • Set the date.

You can also manage the current project progress. By updating the project's status, you keep all members informed of the overall progress.

In addition to the key event logs automatically recorded by the system, you can also add custom event logs as memos.

To add custom event logs:

  1. Click "Add New Event Log";

  2. Enter event log;

  3. If there are associated members, you can add them to the event log;

  4. Click "Save".

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