Distribution is the place where you publish your creatives on different ad platforms and social media. Its power can be multiplied by media review, creative, rule, and reporting features.

How to distribute your first creative!

  1. Go to one of your projects and hit that "Distribution" button on the top;

  2. You have to add distribution channels when you want to distribute your creatives via CreatiBI to different channels;

  3. Depending on if you have set up the rule (shown by the orange lighting icon), if a rule is in place, the distribution can happen automatically; if a workflow is nonexistent, you can distribute the creative manually;

    • Please make sure you have authorized the platforms so the distribution can run automatically;

  4. [If you manually publish the creative on ad platforms], select at least one creative, choose one ad account, schedule the publish time, and publish;

    • Google Ads is the exception. Click here for more details;

  5. [If you manually share the post the creative on social media], select at least one creative, choose all accounts for your target social media platform, schedule the post time, and post;

    • Douyin is the exception. Click here for more details;

  6. Repeat the above steps to distribute more creatives.


  1. Why did my creatives fail to be distributed?

    • Your creative file type is unsupported;

    • API connection is not stable;

    • Please also check your internet connection.

  2. How to modify and cancel the distribution plan?

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