Script is the place where you write scripts and add storyboards for your media production with others. Its power can be multiplied by media review, workflow, creative, and reporting features.

How to write your first script!

  1. Go to your left sidebar and create your new project. You can start a project from scratch or use our pre-filled template;

    • If you start a project from scratch, you need to name your project and set up accessibility. You can make it generally accessible in your workspace or only private to certain members;

  2. Click "Add script" to create your first task;

    • You can assign the scriptwriter and media producer, by simply @ them or adding their email addresses;

    • You can also assign the due date, tag, collaborator, and other fields for each script task;

  3. You can "start with an empty script", "start with a storyboard", or "start with a speaking script". Since storyboards and speaking scripts are embedded with pre-filled information, we highly recommend you start from these two;

  4. [If you start with an empty script], click here for more details;

  5. [If you start with a storyboard], click here for more details;

  6. [If you start with a speaking script], click here for more details;

  7. Once you finish the writing, you can set the script status as "request review";

  8. Repeat the above steps to create more scripts.


  1. What's the difference between "start with an empty script", "start with a storyboard", and "start with a speaking script"?

    • "Start with an empty script" means there is no pre-built information under this task. You will get a white canvas and you can build content from scratch.

    • A storyboard script provides more options like shot types and camera angles, while a speaking script can include multiple voice-over texts on the same topic. So if you are looking for videos with many scene changes, you should go with "start with a storyboard"; otherwise, you should go with "start with a speaking script".

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