Start with a storyboard

Storyboard is better suited for complex videos that require extensive detailing for each scene.

To start with a storyboard:

  1. Click the "Add script", and start with a storyboard;

  2. You can set up the "Timing", "Shot Size", "Movement", "Angle", "Equipment" and "Focal Length" for each script scene. For each drop-down list, you can decide the ideal camera language;

    • The default time interval is 5s for each scene;

    • You can drag and drop different scenes to reorder the script structure;

  3. Type "/" on your keyboard and add components to your script in the text area;

    • You can add up to 9 pictures or 1 video reference for each scene;

      • You can also change where and how images and video are displayed for each scene. Just hover over the image/video, and edit at your will;

  4. When you start to write, select the text and change your script layout anytime;

    • You can add different headings, bold the font, add underline, strike, link, change the text color, and comment;

    • You can add "Narrator" and "Scene" for the selected text to make it more organized;

  5. Click "New frame" for the next scene once you finish the writing for the first scene;

  6. You can add your preferred ad platform, social media, video aspect ratio, and product information to tailor your script to the designed distribution platform and format;

    • If you can't find related product information from the CreatiBI library, you can create one;

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