Creative is the place for organizing, storing, and distributing digital assets such as images, videos, and other creative materials used in marketing and advertising campaigns.

How to manage your creatives?

  1. Go to one of your projects and click "Creative" on the top;

  2. Click "Upload" to select videos or images;

    • If you used the media review feature of CreatiBI, all approved media will appear here;

  3. You can add and authorize preferred "Ad platform" and "Social media" for your distribution channel, and add "Media producer", "Creator", "Script" and "Rating" for each of your assets;

    • If you don't use the script feature of CreatiBI, you can't directly upload the script. You can go to "Script", create one, and then add the script to the column "Script";

    • You can rate the asset based on your experience first and change the rating when you see your asset performance;

  4. Once you upload the assets, you can start to manage your assets;

  5. Repeat the above steps to manage more assets for your project.


  1. Why did I fail to upload creatives?

    • Your creatives file type is unsupported.

    • You run short of storage.

    • Please also check your internet connection.

  2. Why some of the creatives are not available anymore?

    • Either your creatives are deleted or back to media review if you used our media review feature.

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