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  1. Home: Customize your dashboard with various components, arranging them to suit your personal needs.

  2. My Tasks: Check all tasks assigned to you, including scriptwriting, media production, and task review.

  3. Inbox: Receive message notifications here.

  4. Portfolios: Manage cross-team portfolios. Add multiple portfolios to monitor overall summary data or conduct periodic reviews and comparisons.

  5. Starred: Follow projects here, with starred projects appearing in your starred list.

  6. Projects: Create multiple projects to manage different promotion cycles. Invite colleagues to collaborate. Each project includes the full workflow from creative production to distribution, covering scripts, media reviews, creative management, distribution, and reporting.

  7. Teams: View teams you've created or joined, and explore other public teams within your organization.

  8. Invite: Invite colleagues or callaborators to join your team.

  9. Help: Access the help center to view help documents.

Profile Picture

After clicking on your profile picture, you can update your personal information or go to the settings page. You can access the admin console from here if you're an administrator. You'll also find the option to log out in this menu.

+ Create

This section provides 4 quick create options. You can quickly create script tasks, projects, teams, or invite other members to join.

Switch Workspaces

If you have created or joined multiple workspaces, clicking on your profile picture will show a list of the workspaces you have joined. You can quickly click on them to switch between different workspaces and collaborate with different colleagues.

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